by Zex



wanderlust/escape this life 7'' Wired for Sound Records


released May 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Zex Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: wanderlust
i want to go
to far off beyond
to lands strange to me
set me free

i want to see
the world with my eyes
gaze at the sun
from mountains beyond the clouds

wanderlust it calls me
wanderlust so high set me free

through forests never ending
a top the highest mountain
a world left to discover
world to explore lust for more
Track Name: Escape This Life
Escape This Life

Going through life blinded by fear
it's coming soon - the end is near
There's no hope - it's too late
Nothing left but this fate
Where's my escape?
no one cares left to the dogs
apathetic civilized
why cant I escape this life?
Laying here under Death's grip
looking for peace inside my crypt
cutting loose - no air supply
destined for death, it's a Lullaby
Where's my escape?
no one cares left to the dogs
it's a struggle, it's a fight
why cant I escape this life?
other side - What awaits me there?
No way to know or to prepare
desperately seeking my end
Got nothing left to defend
Escape This Life